An annual race event that happens in Amman, Jordan in the month of April every year, Dead Sea Marathon is a great attraction for sports enthusiasts and runners from all over the world. Even some of the well-known marathon runners participate in the race, making it worth looking forward to. Furthermore, the number of people participating it has been increasing with each passing year!

The main reason why Dead Sea Marathon came into being in the first place was to promote sports and running in the youth of Jordan and world as a whole. In addition, it was a way to promote tourism in the country. The event also promotes cooperation between Jordan and different Middle Eastern countries in the field of sports. Few other objectives that are at the core of this Marathon are to encourage everyone involved or associated with it adopt a healthy way of living and to provide Jordanians a popular platform for extending an important cause.

Some of the important causes and organizations that are supported by this event are:
- Smoke Free Society
- Al Hussein Society for the Habilitation and Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged
- Al Hussein Youth Club
- KHCF or King Hussein Cancer foundation
- SCNP or Society for the Care of Neurological Patients which plays a key role in rescue of neurological patients who’re in need of free medical aid, by covering their surgery costs.
- Amman Road Runners
- The Jordan Pharmaceutical Students Association and many more.

The Marathon continues to play an important role in supporting all such noble organizations and initiatives. The event happens under the direct patronage of Prince Raad Bin Zeid of Jordan. It has received amazing recognition and support at both international and national level over the past many years.