Marathons are a huge attraction world over and Dead Sea Marathon is actually one of its kind. So, why do you think it’s a great idea to take part in this marathon? Let’s discover why!

The health benefits
If you decide to participate in the Dead Sea Marathon, chances are that you’re either starting out with running or are a seasoned athlete. Medical science has proven that running on a regular basis is extremely good for health, both at mental and physical level. We’d like to mention here that you must avoid falling victim to the misconception that running can lead to major injuries. Yes, injuries do happen, but there are ways that you can prevent them.
Let’s face it, any physical sport involves risks, be it a racket sports, weightlifting, martial arts or anything else. If you’re getting involved in something physically, you obviously put yourself at the risk of facing an injury. But do we stop taking public transport, walking in public places or things like that? No! The health benefits gained by running, especially in an event like Dead Sea Marathon far outweigh any chances of injury.

A sense of accomplishment
Running past the finish line of Dead Sea Marathon will fill you up with an amazing sense of accomplishment! Something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life! The race is actually a must-do in many people’s bucket lists. Participating and completing Dead Sea Marathon is guaranteed to fill you up with a lot of inspiration and excitement.

Motivation to train
Anyone who wants to start running on a regular basis, but is skipping / postponing it for one reason or the other, participating in an event like Dead Sea Marathon on can serve as an excellent motivator.
Participation in a marathon involves training for it well in advance. So if you are keen on relishing the excitement offered by the event, you’d push yourself out of bed each day to train for it.

The spirit of camaraderie
All runners who participate in the Dead Sea Marathon have something in common. It’s a very exciting feeling for them to share the same platform with thousands of people, who, like them have made sacrifices and trained hard to finish the marathon. It provides each one of them with a spirit of camaraderie that is incomparable.

You get to travel and see Jordan!
Pick out any city of the world and you’ll find a marathon happening there at some point of the year. The same is applicable to Amman, Jordan. Running the Dead Sea Marathon will gives an excellent excuse to people all over the world to come and see the wonderful country of Jordan. Imagine participating in several marathons a year can take you to so many places in the world!

It’s full of thrills and fun!
The feeling of excitement when one finishes a marathon like Dead Sea Marathon cannot be described in words. Doing it alongside thousands of other people makes it even more special. Majority of runners who participate in Dead Sea Marathon are not professional runners. Hence, it’s tough on their bodies. But the fun, thrill and excitement everyone derives is nothing short of amazing.