Let’s take you through some more details of the Dead Sea Marathon which can be extremely useful for avoiding any issues on the race day.

About the bib number and the timing chip
- All the participants are required to ensure that their bib numbers are attached properly on the front of their T-shirts.
- Participants cannot give their bib numbers to others. Giving away or exchanging the bib numbers is forbidden and can lead to instant disqualification and banning from the races in the future.
- Participants will only be timed and featured in the race results if they had worn their bib number and timing chip.

Things you must keep in mind on the day of the race
- On the race day, participate only if you’re physically prepared and are in good health condition to face the challenges of the race distance and the terrain.
- Every participant must position himself/herself behind the starting line at the start of the race.
- All runners must run on the right side of the roads, inside the marked area so that the runners wanting to overtake from the left get a clear passage. Avoid sprinting ahead of the runners in front of you until you get a safe passage. Do not make sharp cuts if you need to slow down or have to make immediate stops due to some reason. Slow down your speed gradually and move to the edge of the road in a safe manner.
- It is entirely the responsibility of participants to stay on the official course throughout the race. They must acquaint themselves with the course well ahead of the race, and strictly follow the coded signs en route. Anyone who leaves the course gets automatically disqualified from the race.
- The onus is completely on participants to be aware of the starting time of their races and the start corral.

About disqualifications and cancellations
- Anyone who takes a ride in between the timing stations will get instantly disqualified from the ongoing race and all future races.
- Athletes taking part in Dead Sea Marathon may be subjected to formal drug tests in compliance with the regulation rule 144 of the IAAF. Any athlete who refuses taking the drug test or returns a positive result for a banned substance will get disqualified from the event and lose eligibility for participation in future events.
- Participants found wearing more than one timing devices during the race will get instantly disqualified. Their results will not get recorded.
- Any runner who is found cheating in any possible way during the race will receive instant disqualification from the ongoing race and all future races.
- In the end, the right of the disqualification of any individual because of breakage of rules or cheating lies completely with the race director.

All in all, Dead Sea Marathon is a very reputed event that is looked-forward-to by athletes and general populace all over the world. If you do decide to take part in the race, you must ensure that you know all possible details to avoid any problems on the race day.